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Training your workforce can be stressful. Finding training resources. Organizing the launch.  We get it. And we've got you covered. From workplace diversity and inclusion to leadership and compliance training... Sollah has got you covered!

Where Do I Start? We hear this question all the time. Developing impactful employee & leadership training courses and content is rarely a walk in the park. Sollah has done the heavy lifting when it comes to launching effective, engaging training... that sticks!

Whether you use an existing training program, selected learning resource or a built-from-scratch custom training solution, your Sollah powered content will be on target, on time and within budget. And it will be easily integrated into your training plans, compatible with your technology, aligned with your objectives and learning goals and engaging for your employees.

How Does Sollah Help You Train Fearlessly?

It's as easy and 1... 2... 10! Here are ten ways Sollah helps you implement powerful workforce training solutions in minutes!

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1. Facilitator Friendly

All the heavy lifting is done! We provide step-by-step, turnkey instructional design that’s ready to implement.

Bottom Line: Saves you time!

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2. Address Difficult/Sensitive Topics

Provides materials and instruction that create positive and healthy conversations around the tough topics like racism, discrimination, bias, harassment, and more!

Bottom Line: Tackle tough topics respectfully!

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3. High Engagement

Realistic, behavioral-based scenarios that generate thought-provoking discussion.

Bottom Line: Deliver impactful learning that motivates change!

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4. Meet Compliance Requirements

Transform complex concepts and content into relatable and practical actions.

Bottom Line: Compliance... Simplified!

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5. Proven Content

Leveraging SMEs and practitioners who are in the trenches and know how to address real workplace issues.

Bottom Line: Reliable expertise!

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6. Interactive

Technology-driven approach that captures and maintains the learner’s attention – from start to finish.

Bottom Line: Keeps the learner engaged!

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7. Discussion Driven

Promotes healthy and courageous conversations that foster workplace inclusivity, respect and belonging.

Bottom Line: Empowers your people!

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8. Relevant

Portrays real issues and struggles encountered in today’s workplace – connecting the learner to the content.

Bottom Line: Captures hearts and minds!

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9. Changing Behaviors

Emotionally engage learners with realistic content that leads to constructive, reproducible learning.

Bottom Line: Employees make better decisions!

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10. Multiple Modality Options

With so many learning modes (instructor-led, self-study, micro-learning, just-in-time, refresher), your only limitation is your imagination.

Bottom Line: Ultimate flexibility!

Sollah Interactive’s Training Content Library,

the premier cloud-based training library that allows you to build customized training interactions in minutes. Sollah’s library features a vast collection of award-winning videos, video workshops, interactive e-learning, facilitation materials, case studies, subject matter expert interviews, and so much more!

The library features training content in over 30 languages.

Training resources are conveniently organized into four key learning paths: ethics and compliance, diversity, inclusion and respect, leadership, and personal performance.

The Bottom Line? This powerful platform gives you immediate access to downloadable training materials – allowing you rapidly create just-in-time training or breathe new life into existing training programs or curricula.

The Right Training At the Right Time Helps Create a High-Performing Workforce!

We've learned that key competencies at each stage of professional development play a critical role in the path to high performance. All employees, regardless of level and function, must develop specific work habits and skills to communicate effectively and produce results.

Sollah's High-Performing Workforce™ Model considers the most critical competencies needed for employees, emerging leaders, new managers and high-performing leaders and takes into consideration the reality of learning process and time constraints.

Sollah offers nearly 4,700 training components (full videos, video vignettes, facilitation materials, self-study workbooks, case studies, activities, eLearning and more!), all tied directly to key competencies – allowing your organization to quickly implement targeted, just-in-time training.

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