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Launch your next training session in minutes!

Sollah Interactive’s flexible design gives you the courage and confidence you need to quickly implement powerful, impactful training.

Where Do I Start?

We hear this question all the time. Developing impactful training is never easy. Sollah Interactive has done the heavy lifting when it comes to launching effective training.

Here are ten ways Sollah helps you quickly implement powerful, memorable training:

1. Facilitator Friendly

All the heavy lifting is done! We provide step-by-step, turnkey instructional design that’s ready to implement.

Bottom Line: Saves you time!

2. Address Difficult/Sensitive Topics

Provides materials and instruction that create positive and healthy conversations around the tough topics like racism, discrimination, bias, harassment, and more!

Bottom Line: Tackle tough topics – respectfully!

3. High Engagement

Realistic, behavioral-based scenarios that generate thought-provoking discussion.

Bottom Line: Deliver impactful learning that motivates change!

4. Meet Compliance Requirements

Transform complex concepts and content into relatable and practical actions.

Bottom Line: Compliance... Simplified!

5. Proven Content

Leveraging SMEs and practitioners who are in the trenches and know how to deal with real issues.

Bottom Line: Reliable expertise!

6. Interactive

Technology-driven approach that captures and maintains the learner’s attention – from start to finish.

Bottom Line: Keeps the learner engaged!

7. Discussion Driven

Promotes healthy and courageous conversations that foster inclusivity.

Bottom Line: Empowers your people!

8. Relevant

Portrays real issues and struggles encountered in today’s workplace – connecting to the content.

Bottom Line: Captures hearts and minds!

9. Changing Behaviors

Emotionally engage learners with realistic content that leads to constructive learning.

Bottom Line: Employees make better decisions!

10. Multiple Modality Options

With so many learning modes, your only limitation is your imagination.

Bottom Line: Ultimate flexibility!

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