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Access customized, engaging corporate training programs and courses designed to enhance workforce skills and corporate compliance.

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Engage and inform employees with interactive learning.

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You want training solutions that will help you deliver success!

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As a Talent Developer, you need effective, engaging corporate training programs for organizational success but struggle to find the corporate training solutions you need.

What you want is comprehensive corporate training solutions, but…

  • You're overwhelmed by corporate training demands.
  • Your training courses are outdated.
  • You're struggling with the complexities of corporate compliance.
  • Your corporate training resources are scattered and ineffective.
  • You're facing budget constraints.

We understand how overwhelmed you can feel when you don’t have the right tools or corporate training resources to effectively do your job.

We believe you deserve access to affordable and comprehensive training courses and content that are designed specifically to meet your needs.

Sollah Interactive: Corporate Training Courses That Deliver Success

Need individual, group or even custom training programs designed specifically for you and your organization? Sollah provides robust corporate training solutions, to enhance your team's performance and help you meet corporate compliance with industry standards.

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Explore over 9,000 corporate training resources to enhance employee skills and organizational growth.

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Discover eLearning solutions that combine comprehensive content with engaging delivery methods.

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Get custom training materials that align with your culture and meet your unique organizational needs.

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Licensing Sollah’s library of training programs has been one of our best decisions. The videos are high quality, real-life depictions of workplace challenges and aspirations. Whenever a training topic need arises, we turn to the library first to see if there’s a video that addresses it. Usually there are several.

Skender Construction

The online training has been great – We are receiving a lot of positive feedback from all of the courses! They are informative without being boring which is exactly what we hope for with mandatory policy trainings! People are really enjoying the interactive features.




Three Simple Steps to Transform Your Corporate Training

Schedule a Chat

Take the first step in your  journey towards effective training solutions by scheduling a chat with our experts.

Customized Crafting

We collaborate with you to develop training materials that perfectly fit your needs and objectives.

Achieve Excellence

Train to your full potential and enjoy a transformed, skilled workforce and a successful organizational future.

Inclusion isn't a buzzword... it's a force that transforms workplaces!

Inclusion 101™ Optimizing Our Diversity Potential - Sollah's latest training program on maximizing workplace inclusion.

Are you ready for the future of work? Big changes are already happening.

The Future of Work™ Generations in the Workplace - understanding & leading across generational differences.

Imagine Exceeding Expectations... While Staying Within Your Budget!

At Sollah, we understand that your needs and budget are unique and require more than a one-size-fits all training solution. Which is why we offer flexible pricing to help you get the training you need and stay within your budget. Whether large or small, you’ll find a cost-effective solution that scales with your workforce. So when your needs increase, your per person price decreases, ensuring you have the right, scalable and affordable training resources you need. So you can stop worrying about busting your budget and spend more of your time exceeding at your job.

Basic Plan

Perfect for smaller businesses, with user and course number based pricing.

Features: Pick from a variety of video and eLearning courses, with lower prices as you add more courses or people.


Company-Wide Plan

Great for larger companies, this plan gives you a special price for your whole company to use all the training you want.

Features: Get access to all our training materials, with the price tailored for the size of your company to make sure you get a fair deal.


Forever Plan

Need a long term training solution, this plan lets you pay once and use the training forever, based on how many employees you have.

Features: Make a one-time payment to use specific training courses forever, with no extra costs, making it a smart choice for ongoing training.


We think you deserve to be the training hero!

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