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Now, more than ever, a high-performing workforce is essential to every organization's survival and long-term success. Sollah provides you the tools you need - leadership development, employee training, workplace diversity & inclusion - to increase your success!

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Sollah provides fast, flexible workplace training solutions.

We design for all training platforms and modalities... helping you aim your message and fulfill your learning goals and performance improvement by taking into account your audience, implementation needs, and your ultimate performance objectives.

Realistic. Relevant. Relatable.

The right training is key in creating an optimized workforce. You need to be able to develop and deliver effective employee and leadership training to address new challenges and opportunities right now!

Sollah is here to help!

We provide fast, flexible workplace, employee and leadership training solutions tailored to your specific needs - training designed to deliver the maximum impact (increased performance) in a minimum amount of time.

Training that can be rapidly deployed how YOU need it - from facilitated classroom discussion to global, interactive eLearning.

We have years of experience in creating and curating content for training...

  • Workplace diversity/equity/inclusion/belonging (DEIB), ethics & workplace compliance (harassment & discrimination prevention), leadership and personal performance improvement are key competency areas where our proven content has helped organizations improve and thrive.
  • We pride ourselves on really listening to our clients so the solution they need is the solution we provide.
  • Meeting your specific employee training challenges and considerations is our goal. We provide the flexibility of using our time-tested content or deploying our custom development expertise to answer your training needs in ways that other companies cannot.
  • Our instructional design capabilities encompass everything from course outlines and e-learning storyboards to case studies, effective use of visual media, appropriate testing, creation of facilitator and participant materials, and course evaluations and follow-up.
  • Our dedicated software development team creates and integrates… courses, APIs, tracking tools… we have the skill set to make things happen.

From first idea to front-line rollout, our designers are here to help you navigate, create and implement a full training design that will be effective and powerful for your organization.

Dispersed workforces and non-traditional employees have raised the bar on training. The centralized, workshop-style training experience isn't always practical, affordable or possible anymore. A blended learning approach might be ideal.


Sollah is quickly able to…
offer any and all of its training solutions - the way YOU need and want them. We are CONTENT rich and FORMAT agnostic - we can deliver in the best platform to serve your training audience.

Do you need help developing a competency-driven curriculum? We can do that. Need a just-in-time, on-demand self-study solution? We can do that. Need a custom eLearning course developed and hosting on your LMS? We can do that, too!


Regardless of the type of training you need, or the format you need it in, we can help you match your message and delivery method to your audiences - wherever they may be.

From employee performance to leadership development - we've got you covered!

In addition to helping you meet today's challenges, we welcome the opportunity to help you anticipate and identify the training solutions you'll need to meet tomorrow's challenges.


We work with you to define,
refine and implement a comprehensive integrated training curriculum that will help you instill a high-performance workplace culture.

Learn more about Sollah Interactive by contacting us today. You were looking for it, and you found it. Take advantage of Sollah’s learning innovations for today and tomorrow! Fast and flexible training solutions are what we do! Let us find the right solution for you.

A Little Love From Sollah Customers

Kaeser Compressors

Sollah really cared about our training and leadership development needs. Their team had a vested interest in our training and the overall accountability/metrics of the entire solution.

Kaeser Compressors, Inc.

Skender Construction

The online courses have been great! They are informative without being boring - which is exactly what we hope for with mandatory policy training! People are really enjoying the interactive features.

Skender Construction


The response from Right Side of the Line program has been great! The professional quality and design of the program truly engaged our trainees during the sessions. Great job Sollah!

Coldspring USA

DirectEmployers Association

Avoiding the Scam! Understanding Your Role in Cybersecurity™ is exceptionally well done.

We love it!

Direct Employers Association

What’s in a name?

For us, Sollah is more than just a name. It’s a driving force. It’s the reason why we do what we do. Sollah is a derivative of the Hebrew word “selah.” It can’t be directly translated into English, but the typical meaning is “to lift up.” It’s a wonderful concept, isn’t it? Together we can lift each other up by creating a better and more understanding workplace. That’s the Sollah Difference. Our content can lift up an organization by equipping their teams with the tools and knowledge they need to fight things like bias and discrimination in the workforce and empower the individual to learn and grow, but it wasn’t always like this.

Things have changed since 2011.

Back in those early years, DVDs were the main mode of training distribution. You know the ones with the bland, under-produced corporate script with the shoddy voiceover and horrendous acting. Eventually, everything moved to distribution over the internet. You’d think the quality of acting would have improved with advancements in technology, but no. Sadly, no. Thanks to digital technology and equipment, it’s much easier to produce a simple video and get it up on a website. The real trick is getting someone to watch the whole thing without their eyes glossing over. That’s where Sollah entered the conversation.

They needed a change.

In 2011, Bob and Jon launched Sollah. With their combined 52 years of employee development experience and training know-how, they forged a new approach to enhance the training experience. They asked the important questions. What do training videos and interactive eLearning really need to do for an organization? How can we make training videos more immersive and interesting? What kinds of topics need to be addressed in the ever-changing workplace environment? How do we assist organizations in making their team members more inclusive and compliant? But most importantly of all, how can Sollah do all this for companies both small and large?

Using an agile production and development process, they produce high quality and entertaining training content in half the time. Internet distribution, streaming, video downloads and eLearning course ware get Sollah’s content out to anyone, anywhere, any time, and in just about any language. Since their launch, Sollah has continued to grow alongside technology. Thanks to Sollah’s in-house video production studio, content can be tailored for any customer in any industry. They work alongside their customers to develop a learning roadmap that best empowers their workforce. Their customers understand the strength of a customized learning path that allows flexibility with HR and talent management in a diversifying world. Get the training content and videos your company needs and don’t settle for anything less.

On a mission to help any organization dealing with the woes of a modern era.

The workforce is growing and diversifying by the day. More and more people are entering the workforce from all walks of life bringing friction and conflict into the workplace environment: racism, harassment, discrimination, bias, etc. The list goes on and it can get overwhelming. Fortunately, Sollah is here to help.

Sollah’s library of content ranges over many subject matters and situations. Unlike the tedious and boring training videos of yesteryear, Sollah’s videos and eLearning courses are well planned and focus on dealing with current events happening in real workspaces to real people. When you throw a group of people together, they might not always see eye to eye or even know they have an implicit bias. Rather than have them sit through another PowerPoint® with ten bullet points a slide, they could have a positive and informative experience with a customized Sollah adventure.

Using award winning DEIB (Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Belonging) content, Sollah has helped many customers find the right program path for them and their employees. At Sollah, we believe in our content. Our videos talk about the real world. Each scenario is well acted and covers situations that happen at real workplaces to real people. We strive to make our content understandable, relatable, and accessible to any team member. Come and experience the Sollah difference for yourself.


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