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eLearning and Online Corporate Training

Elevate Your Organizational Learning with Custom eLearning Solutions

Access comprehensive, customizable eLearning tools designed to effectively train, develop, and prepare your organization's talent for future challenges and opportunities.

Flexible & Scalable

Adapts seamlessly to company size and growth.

Tailored Training

Custom-fit content designed for your specific needs.

Simple Integration

Quick to learn and simple to manage.

Your training needs more than a one-size-fits-all solution


As a talent development professional, you need engaging, effective training for better performance, but outdated methods are causing your efforts to fail.

What you want is impactful training, but…

  • Your training content is outdated and dull.
  • Your programs lack engaging, interactive elements.
  • You're not able to track employee progress effectively.
  • Your training does not adapt to diverse learning styles.
  • You struggle with integrating new training technologies.

We get it. When your training resources don’t captivate or educate, it can cause you worry about your success.

We think you deserve training solutions that are as dynamic and innovative as you and your workforce.

Tailored eLearning Solutions To Meet All of Your Training Needs

Our eLearning platform offers dynamic and customizable solutions specifically designed for your unique organization. No matter what your team's size, available learning time, or preferred training method, you can have the resources you need to foster a culture of continuous learning and improvement within your organization.

Flexible & Customizable Learning Paths

Create personalized experiences that meet the unique needs of each employee.

Engagement Through Interactivity

Interactive elements keep learners engaged and improve retention rates.

Comprehensive Analytics Tools

Track progress and measure success with advanced analytics for informed decision-making.

Sollah’s eLearning Solutions Provide You:

  • Scalable resources for any size of organization.
  • Personalized learning experiences for all employees.
  • Increased engagement through interactive content.
  • Flexible learning schedules accommodating individual pace.
  • Real-time feedback for continuous improvement.
  • Easy integration with existing HR and training systems.
  • Multilingual support to cater to diverse workforces.
  • Continuous content updates to ensure relevancy.
  • Mobile compatibility for learning on the go.
  • Cost-effective training solution reducing traditional training expenses.

Sollah eLearning Course Series

Juggling multiple training formats can overwhelm your schedule and resources. So check out this cheat-sheet.



Sollah Interactive's Signature Courses provide self-directed, interactive training with multimedia elements, streamlining learning delivery. Helping you to efficiently manage training events and enhance post-facilitation outcomes, ensuring effective skill development and retention across your organization.


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Keeping employees engaged in a fast-paced environment is challenging. Sollah Interactive's TrainingBriefs® are concise, mobile-friendly micro-courses that introduce and reinforce key topics in just minutes. Ideal for busy schedules, they ensure your staff remains informed and compliant, boosting performance and learning continuity.

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Diving deep into complex subjects requires comprehensive resources. Sollah Interactive's Advantage Courses blend engaging videos, interactive elements, and assessments to provide thorough understanding. This robust training tool prepares your team to handle intricate topics, enhancing decision-making and expertise.

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Addressing specific training needs quickly is crucial for maintaining workplace standards. Sollah Interactive's LearningBytes® offers targeted, microlearning courses that are easy to digest and perfect for just-in-time training. They ensure your team gets precise, effective training, enhancing responsiveness and competence on critical issues.

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Advantage Plus

Advantage Plus

Mastering multifaceted topics often requires extensive, engaging training. Sollah Interactive's Advantage Plus Courses deliver in-depth learning through interactive videos, exercises, and case studies. They empower your team with deep knowledge, fostering advanced skills and problem-solving abilities for complex challenges.

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Safety Classics

Safety Classics

Ensuring workplace safety efficiently can be a pressing concern. Sollah Interactive's Safety Classic Courses offer concise, interactive safety training, making it easier to maintain a safe environment. These courses provide crucial safety knowledge in short sessions, enhancing compliance and reducing risks.


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Rapidly addressing safety training needs is key in a dynamic work environment. Sollah Interactive's SafetyBytes® provide short, targeted safety modules that quickly bring employees up to speed on essential practices. This format ensures your workforce stays informed on safety protocols, promoting a safer workplace with minimal disruption.

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Interactive Tools

Interactive Tools

Streamlining performance management with timely interventions can boost productivity. Sollah Interactive's Interactive Tools offer specific, easily accessible content for workplace issues, enhancing your ability to manage team performance effectively. This tool aids in resolving problems swiftly, maintaining operational efficiency and employee satisfaction.

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5 Million

Coldspring USA

The response from our employees to the new Right Side of the Line eLearning program has been great! The professional quality and design of the program truly engaged our trainees during the sessions. Great job Sollah!

Kaeser Compressors

Sollah really cared about our training and leadership development needs. Their team didn't just try to sell us an eLearning solution. They partnered with us and had a vested interest in our training and the overall accountability/metrics of the entire solution.

Don’t let a training failure cause a career setback!

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