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An inclusive workplace doesn't need to be elusive! As organizations and customer bases become increasingly diverse, it is important for employees to be able to engage and work through differences in a positive manner that supports productivity, teamwork, and customer satisfaction. Sollah has the diversity, equity, inclusion and belonging (DEIB) tools you need to maximize your workplace diversity while creating a respectful and inclusive organization.

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ALL IN!™ Tackling Tough Workplace Diversity Dynamics
ALL IN!™ Tackling Tough Workplace Diversity Dynamics

Telly Award Winner! Draw people in... not push them away! With the current focus on racial inequity and injustice, organizations - now more than ever - need to understand how workplace inequities and other key diversity dynamics impact their efforts to build a more diverse, equitable and inclusive workplace and culture. This new program focuses on the diversity dimension of race. By deepening awareness and understanding of race and racism, participants develop knowledge and skills that support and contribute to your organization’s overall diversity, equity and inclusion goals.

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The Oh Series™ Everyday Diversity
The Oh Series™ Everyday Diversity

Diversity in today's workplace is a given... and the value of that diversity allows organizations to draw on a fuller range of experiences - allowing them to think more creatively and avoid biased decision-making. But what if that diversity is causing tension? What if inclusion and equity are slow on the uptake? Treating others with respect is paramount to a successful and inclusive workplace.

Inclusion 101™ Optimizing Our Diversity Potential
Inclusion 101™ Optimizing Our Diversity Potential

This best-selling program addresses the “respect and inclusion” component of diversity – from the employee’s perspective. Topics include: unconscious (hidden) bias, cultural competence, diversity moments, gender & gender identity, rumors & gossip, joking and improper expressions.

Being F.A.I.R.™ Understanding The Power of Cultural Competence
Being F.A.I.R.™ Understanding The Power of Cultural Competence

This program introduces the F.A.I.R.™ Approach as a practical way to improve an organization’s cultural competency. The approach can be used as a tool to build more positive, productive relationships at work that will help employees make better decisions that impact the overall productivity of the organization.

The UNtold Story™ Bias in Action
The UNtold Story™ Bias in Action

We may not be aware that we are engaging in behavior that may be offensive. Being aware of common stereotypes and biases (both hidden and explicit) can help you challenge negative assumptions about others. At the end of the day, it always comes down to one word… “respect.”

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  • Easy-to-Implement Instructional Design
    Sollah takes the work out of creating effective workshops.
  • Realistic Video Scenarios
    Dramatic workplace situations that create real learning moments. 
  • Tackle the Tough Topics
    Training tools that ease the hard-to-start conversations.

A Training Option For Every Need!

Sollah has workplace diversity training packages for every size organization. Let us help with your training objectives, requirements and specific training needs for online and/or facilitated training resources that improve workplace performance and behavior.

Video Package eLearning Package Library Package
Starting at $4,835 Starting at $8,125 Starting at $9,995
Up to 500 learners Up to 500 learners Up to 500 learners
One Video Program
Full Length Video, Workbooks, PPT
Five eLearning Courses
Hosted on your LMS
Access to 7,000+ Resources
Full Length Videos, Vignettes, Case Studies, etc.



The response from our recent training program has been great! The professional quality and design of the video and materials truly engaged our trainees during the sessions. Great job Sollah!

Skender Construction

The online courses have been great! They are informative without being boring - which is exactly what we hope for with mandatory policy training! People are really enjoying the interactive features.

Kaeser Compressors

Sollah really cared about our training and leadership development needs. Their team had a vested interest in our training and the overall accountability/metrics of the entire solution.


Sollah Client: HCA

HCA recognized that both its quality of care and its bottom line thrive in a respect-filled environment.

To that end, the company partnered with Sollah to ensure that HCA facilities nationwide are workplaces in which everyone — patients and their families, medical staff, caregivers, administrative employees and suppliers — is treated with fairness, dignity and respect.

Sollah drew on its deep expertise in impactful workplace diversity training to create a series of compelling, realistic programs. These true-to-life training resources established a powerful emotional connection for participants to recognize their own mindsets, biases and stereotypes.

Along with micro-learning and user-friendly discussion guides, the training equips HCA employees with newfound awareness, skills and behaviors. They also gain a clear understanding that a respect-filled workplace benefits all of the company's stakeholders — personally, professionally and financially.


Ethics & Compliance

Our online ethics & compliance programs meet legal standards to effectively inform and educate your workforce.


Invest in the leaders within your team and maximize and motivate your workforce by example.

Personal Performance

Empower your workforce with problem-solving and communication skills to achieve greater results every day.

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