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Best SellerOn SaleSexual Harassment? You Decide.™: Real Situations for Discussion

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Program Length: 20 minutes

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Remastered! Do your employees know the difference between borderline behavior and sexual harassment? Do they know how to handle borderline situations involving themselves or their coworkers?

Using this program in mandatory annual training can help to reduce your organization’s risk from sexual harassment lawsuits. It’s a powerful tool to drive discussion, build awareness and prevent incidents of sexual harassment.

About Sexual Harassment? You Decide.™:

If your employees send graphic pictures via email or make fun of a person of the opposite sex, it’s clearly sexual harassment. But what about an innocent joke? Or art that includes nudity? Or a well-meaning message?

When rules and standards are ambiguous and their application requires thoughtful judgment, rote learning is not enough. Experienced trainers know that borderline situations and open discussion are necessary to make sexual harassment training meaningful and memorable.

This program includes over a dozen open-ended, real-life video vignettes that let viewers decide whether they constitute sexual harassment and how they would react. These vignettes present subtle situations that will challenge your employees and stimulate productive discussion.

Program Objectives

After completing the Workshop, participants will be able to:

Situations Include:

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