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New ReleaseOn SalePREVAIL!™: The Out Actions™

DVD/USB Key Price: $695.00


Program Length: 15 minutes

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Experience high-quality, affordable training when deploying this solution as a licensed program (electronic delivery is included).

This module covers the principles & techniques of the “3-OUT” PREVAIL! model (Get Out | Lock Out | Take Out).

About PREVAIL!™: The Out Actions™:

Being prepared begins with…accepting the reality that today’s world demands us to be ready for the unexpected.  AND… changing the way YOU see your environment.

For example, if you’re in a location where there are crowds of people, pay close attention to the space around you.

How many entry and exit points are there in the space where you’re at? What rooms are approximate to your location that you may be able to lock out the shooter if you can’t get out?  Which exit or room is the closest? If something happened, which would be your first go-to room or exit? And which would be your second?

Training Package Includes:

NOTE: This program is included in both of the PREVAIL!™ training packages:

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