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New ReleaseOn SaleLeading to PREVAIL!™ (for Managers)

DVD/USB Key Price: $695.00


Program Length: 15 minutes

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Experience high-quality, affordable training when deploying this solution as a licensed program (electronic delivery is included).

This module is designed to prevent or mitigate active shooter events by understanding warning signs, behaviors, etc.

About Leading to PREVAIL!™ (for Managers):

The preparation you take now – and the steps you help others around you take – will help increase the chances of prevailing during an active shooter situation.

No one likes to think about something like this. And it may feel like something you would never need to face. And, hopefully, you’re right. But terrible events like this are happening more often and in more places.

It may help you to think of preparing for an active shooter event in the same way that you prepare your team for a fire, an earthquake or tornado.

By taking a few minutes to train your team for one of these events, you help them know what to do in the very unlikely event that it actually happens. The exact same thing holds true when preparing for an active shooter event.

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