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Training Assets Gateway™ (TAG®)

The newest innovation by Sollah Interactive, TAG®, is now available to companies looking for blueprinted training without the high cost typically associated with customization.

Developed and beta tested by training industry experts, TAG’s media-rich content helps training professionals quickly identify relevant training components to build eLearning courses, design workshops and deploy blended training solutions.

BUILD your own training!
BLEND into existing training or curriculums!

Experience TAG®"Build" customized training programs through the use of award-winning video vignettes as well as "Blend" into your existing training programs/curriculums. TAG a cloud-based platform (Training Assets Gateway™) is accessible 24/7 which allows organizations to preview, select, organize, download and train. Sollah Interactive, the producers of TAG, offers complete flexibility with the use of these vignettes along with making available "off-the-shelf" complete training programs for the classroom, eLearning and Just-in-Time training.

What’s unique about TAG?

TAG is a unique cloud-based library that provides thousands of award-winning training components including: ready-to-use video-based full comprehensive workshops and eLearning courses - so when you need to develop new training or refresh, enhance or build upon existing - everything is at your fingertips without spending more money.  You have complete flexibility by embedding the assets into PowerPoint, stream or place on your LMS.

What’s the cost?

Understanding that budgets have been cut or slashed, we’ve made pricing very simple. There are NO hidden costs and NO trainer/facilitator certifications required. You can license the entire library or license what you need. You only pay for what you need. It’s that simple!

What’s inside TAG?

Sollah offers complete FLEXIBILITY with the use of these award-winning vignettes. You can “Build” your own training or “Blend” into your existing training programs/curriculums. If you like what you see, login to TAG® and preview as many vignettes as you like - along with “off-the-shelf”, complete training programs for classroom, on-line learning courses, plus so much more.

TAG® contains nearly 800 training assets (with over 3,300 training components) covering a wide range of workplace topics:

Topic Assets in TAG®
Preview Change 120
Preview Communication 468
Preview Compliance 258
Preview Diversity 138
Preview Ethics 69
Preview Harassment 170
Preview Interpersonal Skills 351
Preview Leadership 311
Preview Management 241
Preview Motivation 46
Preview Professionalism 550
Preview Sales & Service 108
Preview Sexual Harassment 51

What are you waiting for?

Check out TAG now at trainingassetsgateway.com. Develop training easier. Save money. See the power of TAG.

"A one-year library license is equivalent to the cost of one custom training program. Simply put, TAG® allows businesses to do more with less."

Bob Chonka, Sollah Interactive

Begin building a training playlist today. Visit trainingassetsgateway.com.

You’ll find these types of training assets in TAG®:

Complete Programs

Ready-to-use, off-the-shelf training solutions with specific learning objectives

E-Learning Programs

Self-directed courses that can be taken as stand-alone training or used in a blended learning solution (integrated into your LMS or using Sollah’s LMS)

Video Intro/Video Summaries

Short videos that introduce concepts or summarize key learning points

Video Vignettes

Short dramatic behavior-modeling videos showcasing a specific interaction, conflict or decision moment


Short thought-provoking videos using music, animation and graphics to instruct, inspire or stimulate discussion

Case Studies

Real world scenarios with discussion questions

Tools & Take-Aways

Ancillary items to support and reinforce training initiatives

Trainer Resources

A variety of tools to support a trainer in the communication, preparations and reinforcement of training

Who’s using TAG®?

Early TAG® adopters include profit and not-for-profit organizations within the public and private sectors.  From a service company with hundreds of employees to a large manufacturer with tens of thousands, TAG® is being used by eLearning developers, training specialists and workshop facilitators to quickly design and deploy training for both mandatory training initiatives and professional employee development efforts.

See for yourself why current TAG® users are raving about this new offering.

Preview TAG® at trainingassetsgateway.com.