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Sollah Releases New Program to Combat Workplace Harassment

by Jon Grannis, Des Moines, IA – June 20, 2022

Promoting a harassment-free workplace

Sollah Interactive, a premiere training content producer and curator has announced the release of I Said Something™ Promoting Respectful Workplace Behavior - a powerful, new program that helps all employees effectively promote a respectful workplace free of harassment.

Research tells us that as many as 80% of women (and up to 20% of men) experience harassment in the workplace and two-thirds of workers experience bullying in the workplace.

This program provides participants with tools to effectively and appropriately respond to workplace bullying and harassment as well as how to step up and put an end to aggressive and fearful behavior.

Each area covered in the fast moving program is actionable, reasonable and can have significant impact in any organization. Participants will openly discuss each area and how they can implement them in their department and organization - as well as how they can hold each other accountable and continue the conversation as instances arise.

Key learning objectives include:

  • Learn how to identify and prevent workplace harassment & discrimination.
  • Understanding the impacts of harassment, bullying/abusive conduct on others and the organization.
  • Learn how actions and words can create a toxic workplace.

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I Said Something™ Promoting Respectful Workplace Behavior

I Said Something™ Promoting Respectful Workplace Behavior

Workplace Harassment Prevention / Allyship

Organizations want productive and engaged employees who contribute to the bottom line... but just one aggressive employee can ruin it all. There are real consequences associated with crossing the line at work and more than money is what’s at stake for organizations of all kinds. The effects of bullying, abusive conduct and especially harassment can damage an organization’s morale, brand and leave targets unproductive and fearful.

Topic: Harassment Prevention

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