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Sollah Releases New Program - FOSA™ Documenting Discipline

by Jon Grannis, Des Moines, IA – August 14, 2022

Documenting Discipline

Sollah Interactive, a premiere training content producer and curator has announced the release of FOSA™ Documenting Discipline to address employee performance issues legally and effectively.

This new program provides powerful steps to ensure solid, consistent documentation procedures throughout your organization and can be used for business issues on communication, management skills, performance appraisals, performance evaluations, and supervision.

Disciplining employees is one of the most difficult parts of a manager’s job. Documenting performance is essential in correcting performance problems and protecting yourself as a manager. This dramatic program follows Sidney, a frustrated manager who needs help with two under-performing employees.

FOSA™ provides Sidney the steps to ensure solid, consistent documentation procedures – all targeted with keeping the company (as well as Sidney) out of court. Using the FOSA™ process, your organization’s managers and supervisors will possess the tools to address performance issues effectively and legally.

FOSA™ demonstrates the three keys to legally and successfully resolving employee performance issues, which comes down to: Documentation! Documentation! Documentation!

  • How to document specific incidents that focus on behavior
  • How to implement progressive discipline
  • How to utilize the four-step FOSA system: Facts, Objectives, Solutions, Actions
  • How to collect the facts for a legally defensible termination-as a last resort

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FOSA™ Documenting Discipline

FOSA™ Documenting Discipline

Using the FOSA™ Process to Address Performance Issues

Telly Award Winner! What do you do with employees who are not living up to expectations? Do you fire them on the spot? Do you give them another chance? How many chances do you give them before you terminate them? These questions and many more are being asked every day by supervisors and managers. This powerful program answers many questions supervisors have about handling performance problems with their employees and documenting the progressive discipline process.

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