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Sollah Releases New Program - Everyday Leadership™

by Jon Grannis, Des Moines, IA – June 24, 2022

Leading your team

Sollah Interactive, a premiere training content producer and curator has announced the release of Everyday Leadership™ - a powerful, new program that helps leaders and managers effectively tackle workplace situations they face each and every day.

Leading by example is just the beginning of good management/supervision. What about when things start to fall apart? Employees are angry at each other - or even worse - at customers. Team members are excluding others based on generational differences.

Workplace inclusion and respect are at an all-time low? That's where this program can help. Using realistic workplace situations, Everyday Leadership empowers your team leads to mentor/coach and even be an ally for others - employees, customers, vendors, etc.

With nine different scenarios, this program covers a wide range of workplace issues - all with the goal of reinvigorating and empowering your organization's front-line leaders.

Situations covered in this new program include:

  • Ethics & compliance
  • Internal customer service
  • External customer service
  • Communication breakdown
  • Inclusion and equity (age, race and gender)

About Sollah Interactive, LLC

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Everyday Leadership™ (The Complete Series)

Everyday Leadership™ (The Complete Series)

Leading Others Through Everyday Workplace Situations

If we're really honest with ourselves, we understand that leading and managing (even supervising) is not an easy task. There are all sorts of "gotchas" that wait for you in the workplace daily. Everyday Leadership™ was developed to help you, the leader/manager/supervisor, in your daily effort to foster better employee connections, communication and community within your organization - all the while working together toward one shared goal or vision.

Topic: Successfully Leading Others

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