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Sollah Interactive’s award-winning programs deliver high-impact training to help an organization create a high-performing workforce. If you know the title you are looking for, search now to learn more about it.


Flexible training solutions to meet the business goals of any organization:

Developing Core Leadership
A Leader Is...™ SP
Bury My Heart at Conference Room B™ CP
The Extraordinary Leader: Going from Good to Great™ CP
Whale Done!™ in Action CP
Whale Done!™: The Power of Positive Relationships CP
Interviewing for Capability & Culture Fit
Get the Whole Picture: Asking Probing Questions in a Behavioral-Based Interview CP
The Three-Dimensional Interview: Evaluating for Capability, Commitment and Chemistry™ CP
Leading & Managing for Peak Performance
Conflict 101™ CP
Conflict Clock: Taking T.I.M.E. to Resolve Conflict in the Workplace™ CP
Conflict Clock: Taking T.I.M.E. to Resolve Conflict in the Workplace™ (Managers) CP
Confronting Workplace Conflict™ (for Managers) SP
Courage 2 Coach™ CP
Courage to Coach™: A Common Sense Approach to Confronting Difficult Employee Performance Issues CP
Discussion Card - Coaching Others: (Conversation Starter/Training Reminder) DM
Discussion Card - Mentoring 101: (Conversation Starter/Training Reminder) DM
I Wish My Manager Would Just...™ SP
Let's T.A.L.K.: Handling the Difficult Performance Appraisal™ CP
Mentoring 101™ - The Basics CP
Once Upon a Leader™: Tales of Legendary Leadership SP
Peer Today, Boss Tomorrow™: Navigating Your Changing Role CP
Ready. Set. CHANGE!™: Reacting Smarter. Adapting Faster. Engaging Together. CP
Transition to Boss Is...™ SP
Unconscious Bias Is...™ (Manager Version) SP

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