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Best SellerOn SaleFearless Facilitation!™ How to Lead Effective Training

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Program Length: 24 minutes

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Experience high-quality, affordable training when deploying this solution as a licensed program (electronic delivery is included).

Ineffective training sessions sap participation, productivity and results. Without skillful facilitation, these sessions become a waste of time, effort and resources.

Just say "NO" to boring training classes. Turn your trainers into Fearless Facilitators! They’ll learn how to bring a laser-like focus to every agenda, handle disruptions with ease and condense a week’s worth of meetings into a single session. Fearless Facilitators expertly foster participation and make any group session more productive.

About Fearless Facilitation!™ How to Lead Effective Training:

Fearless Facilitation: How to Lead Effective Training builds the confidence, poise, knowledge and skills demonstrated by facilitators who are exceptionally competent. Participants will learn how to generate quality discussions, make smooth transitions between activities and manage disruptive behaviors. Organizations will benefit by having facilitators who increase the value of their training sessions, thus building the skills of associates.

Program Objectives

After completing the Workshop, participants will be able to:

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