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New ReleaseDrawing the Line: Creating a Harassment-Free Workplace™

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About Drawing the Line:

Newly Updated in April 2016 to include CA FEHA Requirements! Workplace harassment continues to be a problem across all industries. Harassment in the workplace not only impacts those directly involved, but other common impacts include the loss of good employees and expensive litigation. Drawing the Line: Preventing Harassment in the Workplace™ addresses harassment in all its forms, including hazing, gossip, retaliation, workplace bullying and much more. This eLearning course meets federal compliance standards for harassment prevention training, giving employees the tools to resolve situations before they escalate.

Drawing the Line is designed especially for the supervisor or manager within your organization. The management team has a responsibility to ensure adherence to our policies. Understanding and enforcing harassment policies is an important part of each manager’s job. In fact, many state laws protecting individuals from harassment and discrimination include language that allows managers and supervisors to be held personally liable for harassment if they fail to address it properly.

Managers must be able to recognize, even address and report harassment in an appropriate and timely manner. It’s their responsibility!

To ensure effectiveness, this eLearning course goes beyond basic sexual harassment training to address multiple forms of unacceptable workplace behavior including discrimination, retaliation, bullying and other forms of harassment that may occur in your workplace.

After completing this course, managers will be able to:

There are two versions of Drawing the Line.

Course Length:

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