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The Sollah Story: Iowa company delivers worldwide difference in training through technology

January 12, 2014

Clive, Iowa – Since its start in 2011, Sollah Interactive has quickly become the most innovative force in helping organizations meet their training goals.

Sollah Interactive is the brainchild and creation of its founders and owners, Jon Grannis and Bob Chonka, two men who are obviously energized and driven by the valuable solutions they bring to customers around the world. 


What these two leaders have made happen is, in a word, innovative — a revolution that uses the power of technology to give trainers easy flexibility to draw from thousands of training modules as they build targeted curriculums or blend new material into existing initiatives for their employees.

“We aren’t your dad’s training company,” Grannis smiles. “We help our customers train more people for less money. We lead with technology and back it up with award-winning content and innovation ideas to training.” 


“We have four generations in the workplace, and each of them has been uniquely impacted by technology,” Grannis says. “The latest generation has grown up on smart phones/tablets, gaming, quick information and YouTube. We must be cognizant of this change and cater to their training styles and needs — without forgetting the other three generations still in the workplace,” Grannis points out.

Chonka says a major key in the Sollah success story is flexibility. “We offer flexibility in our content that seems to be nowhere else,” he says. “It appears the market wants readily available content to build their own training or blend into existing training.”


The hefty engine that powers Sollah’s immense menu of options is called TAG™ — short for Training Assets Gateway. TAG allows people to:

“The complete programs in our library have everything a trainer needs to facilitate a comprehensive workshop. So by just downloading the materials, they’re pretty much set to provide a training class on just about any HR-related topic they would need,” Chonka points out.


“We’re still in the prologue. There is so much more to accomplish. So much more to do. We have a long-term plan. We are working our model,” Grannis says.

“We are aggressively releasing new eLearning programs, content-on-demand and mobile options,” he says. “We just believe that training should be easier than it is. Sollah will continue to build the tools to make training easier and more cost-effective for our clients.”

Chonka agrees. “We are always looking for ways to make training faster, without losing its effectiveness and we’re always trying to help with the neverending budget cuts or constraints.  We always want people who are in organizations to feel that they have powerful resources to make them better trainers, developers and to simply make their lives better and more enjoyable in the workplace.”

Headquartered in the Des Moines suburb of Clive, Iowa, Sollah Interactive offers the latest technology to deliver training assets, as well as “off-the-shelf,” complete training programs for the classroom, online learning and just-in-time training. The assets are available through a cloud-based Sollah platform called the Training Assets Gateway (TAG™). TAG™ is available 24/7 and allows companies to preview, select, organize, download and train to deliver a truly unique — and easy — training solution.

“First and foremost, Sollah is a technology company that develops and delivers quality training content. We feel that this position has made us unique and in a position to grow for many years to come.”
-Jon Grannis, Co-owner, Sollah Interactive

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