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Sollah Interactive, LLC Releases New Workplace Safety Training Model!

Rapid, topic-driven and engaging safety training has never been easier (or more affordable)!

(Des Moines, IA │January 11, 2015) — Sollah Interactive, LLC, a training solutions and technology company, announce the release of the new online safety training series, SafetyBytes®.  For customers wanting to launch rapid, responsive and just-in-time safety initiatives, this new eLearning series is perfect fit.

SafetyBytes are short, topic-specific safety training modules that contain a video vignette/scenario and topic reinforcement. Seat times are 5 minutes or less. The SafetyBytes series gives you the ability to provide just-in-time training covering specific safety issues or proactive, topical training in a short, easy-to-digest format.

A sample of training topics within the SafetyBytes series include: ergonomics, lockout/tagout, dog safety, fire safety, ladder safety, back safety, office safety and so much more!

Sollah Interactive will release 200 SafetyByte modules through the first quarter of 2015. SafetyByte bundles packages will be announced in January. Previewing this new approach to rapid safety training is easy. Simply visit: www.sollahsafety.com/safety-bytes/ or TAG® or call us at 800-300-8880.

About Sollah Interactive

Sollah Interactive, LLC is a technology-focused training company dedicated to the rapid and cost-effective distribution of corporate training content across the globe. Founded by Bob Chonka and Jon Grannis in 2011, Sollah Interactive works with training producers, training developers and training distribution networks to maximize training development and delivery. Sollah launched its new training platform TAG® (www.trainingassetsgateway.com), to facilitate rapid training development by empowering trainers to build new training or blend downloadable components into their existing training.

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