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Sollah Interactive Launches New Active Shooter Training Program

(Des Moines, IA – January 10, 2017) — Sollah Interactive has partnered with Strategos International to release a powerful active shooter training program called PREVAIL!™.

An active shooter situation is something few of us have prepared for. And it’s that lack of preparation that raises anxiety…and fear.

Training increases our ability to take appropriate action. It gives us a greater sense of preparedness, which will help with anxiety and stress levels - especially during a shooter situation.

PREVAIL! is a comprehensive training program focused on the life-saving principles and tactics one can use when faced with an active shooter event - providing greater situational understanding. Based on the tested 3-OUT Approach - Lock Out - Get Out - Take Out - this comprehensive program is designed specifically to help you prevail by taking the appropriate actions in an active shooter event. Informed, confident and trained people dramatically increase their chances of prevailing!

PREVAIL! can be used in any organization - including workplaces/businesses, factories, hospitals, schools, government buildings, places of worship, universities/colleges and by first responders. The easy-to-understand 3-OUT Approach is intended to create a quick, trained, non-linear, situational response to a violent intruder.

PREVAIL! raises personal awareness when it comes to potential workplace violence threats and/or an active shooter event. A trained response will save lives...yours and those around you!

PREVAIL! can be previewed and purchased at www.prevailnow.com.

For more information on the power of PREVAIL!, please contact clientservices@sollah.com.

About Sollah Interactive Founded by Bob Chonka and Jon Grannis in 2011, Sollah Interactive produces engaging, memorable training content that maximizes employee knowledge transfer and retention. Sollah launched its training platform TAG® (www.trainingassetsgateway.com), to facilitate rapid training development by empowering trainers to build new training or blend downloadable components into their existing training.

About Strategos International Strategos International was founded in 2002 by Vaughn Baker and Mark Warren and has developed a consistent focus of “Intruder Response Preparedness” across a wide variety of domain community groups including but not limited to; law enforcement, school, workplace, healthcare, faith based and government organizations. Strategos has trained, consulted and served over 100,000 professionals throughout the world on this topic with over 250 instructors and specialist contractors that fulfill the wide variety of needs of our school, healthcare, government, faith based, workplace, law enforcement and military clients. You can find out more about Strategos by visiting www.strategosintl.com.

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