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PREVAIL!™ Armed Intruder/Active Shooter Training (Manager)

New, Interactive eLearning Course! You’re a leader within your organization. Others look to you as a mentor and guide - day to day … and especially in times of need. One of the times you may be asked to lead is when the unthinkable happens. The preparation you take now – and the steps you help others around you take – will help increase the chances of prevailing during an armed intruder/active shooter situation.

It may help you to think of preparing for an armed intruder event in the same way that you prepare your team for a fire, an earthquake or tornado. By taking a few minutes to train your team for one of these events, you help them know what to do in the very unlikely event that it actually happens. The exact same thing holds true when preparing for an armed intruder event.

An armed intruder situation is something few of us have prepared for. And it's that lack of preparation that raises anxiety...and fear. Training increases our ability to take appropriate action. It gives us a greater sense of preparedness, which will help with anxiety and stress levels - especially during a shooter situation.

When it comes to armed intruder/active shooter training... there is a difference!

PREVAIL! focuses on the life-saving principles and tactics one can use when faced with an active shooter event - providing greater situational understanding.

Based on the tested 3-OUT Approach - LOCK OUT | GET OUT | TAKE OUT - this comprehensive program is designed specifically to help you prevail by taking the appropriate actions in an active shooter event. Informed, confident and trained people dramatically increase their chances of prevailing!

NOTE: Also available for Employees!

Interactivity: Full video, animations, simulations, pre- and post-assessment, interactions, audible narration.

Seat time: 80 Minutes

Topics: Armed Intruder/Active Shooter, Management, Workplace Safety & Awareness, Workplace Violence Prevention

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