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PREVAIL!™ Armed Intruder Preparedness & Response Training (Employee) - eLearning Advantage

Being prepared… that’s what can dramatically change your chance of prevailing during a active shooter/armed intruder situation. Why? Because the shooter is NOT counting on you being ready to act! This comprehensive PREVAIL!™ course teaches a trained response that allows for immediate action and a better opportunity to overcome.

The intent of this program is not to increase your fear… but rather inform and train you to not only recognize potential threats, but to empower you… with a list of options and actions… in case you find yourself in a situation like this. Training INCREASES our ability to take appropriate action. It gives us a greater sense of preparedness, which will help with anxiety and stress levels - especially during an intruder situation. It helps us PREVAIL!

Interactivity: Full video, animations, simulations, pre- and post-assessment, interactions, audible narration.

Seat time: 45 Minutes

Topics: Armed Intruder/Active Shooter, Workplace Safety & Awareness, Workplace Violence, Workplace Violence Prevention

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