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M.E.E.T. on Common Ground™: Speaking Up for Respect in the Workplace

M.E.E.T. on Common Ground: Speaking Up for Respect in the Workplace is designed to help you recognize, respond to and resolve difficult interactions that can stem from individual and cultural differences.

Create a workplace where people want to come and stay. This objective is the foundation for many organizational initiatives. It seems simple enough, but in reality, it can be difficult to achieve. The reason is it requires more than the issuance of a policy, program, set of regulations or laws.

It takes people—people with a common understanding, common skills and common goals that are willing and able to meet on common ground in order to create an environment that works for everyone.

Interactivity: Linear navigation, pre- and post-assessment, full video, audible narration.

Seat time: 35 Minutes


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