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ENOUGH!™: The Consequences of Sexual Harassment (eLearning - Employee)

Looking for a completely new approach to sexual harassment training? Want to actively engage your employees on key topics such as hostile work environment and quid pro quo?

ENOUGH! uses a dramatic story line and interactive eLearning to effectively engage learners... driving home key learning points to prevent workplace sexual harassment. The active bystander concept is also covered.

There is a lot to consider when it comes to discussing sexual harassment. But the key point is clear… everyone within the organization must be aware of the policies regarding sexual harassment. We must also take responsibility for our own actions... and be proactive in dealing promptly with inappropriate behavior.

Sexual harassment can happen anywhere!

Each one of us has the responsibility for preventing sexual harassment and creating a positive and respectful work environment.

Learning Points include:

Would you like a free, complete preview of the ENOUGH! course? Please email clientservices@sollah.com. We'll set you up with complete access to the ENOUGH! eLearning programs.

Interactivity: Full video, animations, simulations, inline questions, post-assessment, interactions, audible narration.

Seat time: 45 Minutes

Topics: Sexual Harassment

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