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Compliance is Just the Beginning: Three Steps to Ethical Decisions

When we are faced with decisions on the job, especially those that may be ethically questionable, we need to think about the ripple effect. The eLearning course teaches learners to imagine what the likely impacts of our decisions will be.

In recent years there has been a numerous painful and widely publicized situations, all caused by people making terrible ethical decisions in the workplace. The results have been devastating. Some of our largest corporations have fallen victim to the belief that the ethical choices we make will somehow remain invisible. In response to all of the recent ethical scandals, laws have been passed, committees formed, and individuals prosecuted. People shake their heads at the lack of values in our most valued institutions. Employees look to the leadership in their organizations to provide clear guidance on how to improve the situation.

Part of the problem has been that as we enact more laws to define appropriate or “legal” behavior, we distance people from decisions about what constitutes “right” conduct. As a result, we have begun to confuse “compliance” with “ethics” - we see compliance with the law as the goal, rather than the starting point of ethical decision-making.

After completing the program, you will be able to:

Interactivity: Linear navigation, post-assessment, full video, interactions, audible narration.

Seat time: 40 Minutes

Topics: Ethics / Compliance, Professionalism

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