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A.C.E. It!™: How to Solve Tough Workplace Problems

A.C.E. It!™: How to Solve Tough Workplace Problems promotes the A.C.E. Model - a set of logical and intuitive steps that enable participants to coach employees in the resolution of problems that otherwise would adversely affect productivity, morale, and job satisfaction.

The A.C.E. Model, based on published research, consists of three user-friendly and highly effective steps:

A – Ask fact and feeling questions
C – Clarify goals and identify concerns
E – Evaluate options and select a workable solution

Through video demonstrations of the A.C.E. steps, you will develop the competence and confidence to coach employees in solving problems that drain their ability and their willingness to do the jobs expected of them.


After completing the course, you will be able to:

Interactivity: Linear navigation, full video, audible narration, user interactions, pre- and post-assessments.

Seat time: 30 Minutes

Topics: Personal Performance

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