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Now, more than ever, a high-performing workforce is essential to every organization's survival and long-term success.

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The right training is key in creating that kind of workforce. And you need to be able to develop and deliver effective training to address new challenges and opportunities right now!

Sollah Interactive can help. We provide fast, flexible training solutions tailored to your specific needs; training designed to deliver the maximum impact in the minimum amount of time; and training that can be rapidly deployed how YOU need it - from facilitated classroom to global e-learning.

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Need direct access? Email: or Phone: 800-300-8880. We are here to help!

We have years of experience in creating and distilling content for training...

  • Diversity/Equity/Inclusion, Integrity & Compliance, Leadership and Personal Performance are key competency areas where our proven content has helped organizations improve and thrive.
  • We pride ourselves on really listening to our clients so the solution they need is the solution we provide.
  • Meeting your specific challenges and considerations is our goal. We provide the flexibility of using our time-tested content or deploying our custom development expertise to answer your training needs in ways that other companies cannot.
  • Our instructional design capabilities encompass everything from course outlines and e-learning storyboards to case studies, effective use of visual media, appropriate testing, creation of facilitator and participant materials, and course evaluations and follow-up.
  • Our dedicated software development team creates and integrates… courses, APIs, tracking tools… we have the skill set to make things happen.
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